I understand life can be difficult at times and hard to stay in balance.
I am here to help you create your balance.

COVID-19 Update

I am currently practicing eCounselling via session video-link and telephonic. I continue to accept new clients.


Are you feeling stuck?

Does it seem like you can't figure things out on your own?

Are you struggling with managing your own issues/concerns?

Have you tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need help from someone else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have made the right choice by being here. We know seeking help can be hard. You've likely been debating seeking help for months, if not years, but we're so glad you have taken the courageous step of being here.

Leading from behind

Together we can work to help equip you with the necessary tools to help you face and overcome your challenges. Whether you're struggling with relationships, communication skills, or emotional dysregulation , it is important that you know you don't have to be alone in this journey. We have the experience to help you achieve your goals, overcome these struggles, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

We understand no two individuals are the same, and we tailor our sessions together to address challenges unique to you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address them with long-lasting strategies, helping you get closer to the life you've always wanted.

If you're ready to work towards the life you've always wanted, we're ready when you are. 
Contact us today and let's get to work.

About Neal S. Henderson, RCT-C/CCC/RSW

Neal Henderson is Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidate, Certified Canadian Counselor, and a Registered Social Worker. He has over 30 years of experience working in human services field in areas of education, child welfare, mental health and addictions (IWK & Nova Scotia Health), trauma, and sexual violence. As “clinician/academic/administrator,” he has always integrated his work delivering direct practice clinical service to clients using an approach of "leading from behind" meaning the client is the expert in their life. He offers consultation, training, and public speaking on a wide range of issues. Most recently he has opened his own private practice counselling clinic of “Creating your Balance Counselling Therapy”. 


  • Nova Scotia College Counselling Therapist (NSCCT)
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Nova Scotia College of Social Workers (NSCSW)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rates & Insurance

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